Mwingi family cries for justice after son is shot dead by police

A family from Nungu in Mwingi west Kitui county is crying for justice after their 26-year-old son was shot dead by police.

The man is said to have been shot by a police officer known as Karanja attached to the Mumbuni police post.

The father of the deceased said his son Felix Musili was suspected of stealing Ksh. 10,000 and was at home when the police came to arrest him.

“Two officers came to my home to arrest my son on the basis that he had stolen money from someone on the 2nd of January this year,” said the father.

The mother Juliana Sammy who witnessed the murder said that one of the officers opened fire on her son shooting him in the stomach.

“He aimed at his head but missed and shot at the brick, On seeing this I asked my son to run and that is when he was shot in the stomach, his intestines were out and we started screaming,” The mother said.

“My son may have done wrong but did not deserve to die like a dog. The officer did not need to shoot at my son because he was not armed or anything like that. The law should have been followed in the process of arresting him,” she added.

The deceased died while the family was looking for funds to take him to Embu level 5 hospital. The family also accused the area chief and assistant chief of conniving with the police on the issue.

Kazungu Charo, OCPD Mwingi west confirmed that the officer who committed the act has been arrested and will appear in court on Monday.

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