Man Reportedly shot by Camel Herders in Mutha, Kitui South

A man was reportedly shot by camel herders in Tulima, Mutha ward along Inyali road in Kitui South. The man who was identified as Munyoki was shot in his right hand and the lower abdomen, according to Mutha ward MCA Dominic Mwamisi. 

Confirming the incident, MCA Mwamisi said that the young man who is a charcoal dealer was heard screaming in the forest by some residents who were traveling along Inyali road and their car got punctured. 

“When I talked to the gentleman he told me that he was shot on Thursday at around 1 pm, he tried running but he couldn’t walk and was forced to lie down due to excessive bleeding. According to the man, he had no access to water and food which forced him to sleep hungry at the forest grilling in pain,” MCA Dominic Mwamisi revealed.

 “The people went where the man was lying as he complained that he will die of thirst, and they found that he was shot in his right hand with a bullet lodged into his ribs. I called the police and we rushed to the scene and took him to Mutha dispensary for first aid,” MCA Mwamisi added.

He was later transferred to Kitui County referral hospital to get more medical attention. The Mutha MCA called upon the residents to be careful since the camel herders have been ordered to get out of the area since the man also revealed that he heard numerous gunshots overnight.

Mwamisi requested all elected leaders and other administration leaders to quickly intervene to save the situation because the residents are living in fear of being attacked anytime. 

“I call other leaders to come we stay here in Mutha until all the camels are driven out of our county to leave the people of Mutha at peace. I also urge my people to be on the lookout because the herders seem to have deadly hearts and don’t want to see our people living in peace,” he pointed out.

According to the man, he was shot when he was going to get water from the neighboring village where he was burning charcoal after encountering seven camel herders armed with guns and one of the herders shot him before he started running for his safety. The MCA asked the security agencies also to find a way of confiscating guns used by the camel herders.

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