MP Makau dismisses Nzioka Waita as Uhuru’s project, asks Machakos voters to reject him

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau addressing the media after attending a church service at AIC Mitaboni, Kathiani Constituency, (Photo - Hillary/Mauvoo)

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has hit at Nzioka Waita saying that he is President Uhuru’s project and they will not allow imposed leaders to lead Machakos. Makau said that there are better people who can lead Machakos like himself.

“There are some people who have been sent to Machakos to run for Machakos Gubernatorial Seat some from Makueni. The people of Machakos should not accept another Government project. In 2013, we had a project dubbed Mutua and you see what he has done. I’m from here and people are crying no drugs. That is the project Kibaki gave us.” Makau said.

“Uhuru is also going home and I’m told he is bringing a project. I want to ask the people of Machakos to refuse that project because Machakos is ours and we do not want imposed leaders. We know you, where you come from and what you want. We will reject you in totality. We will ask the people to reject them.” Makau went on.

Being a wiper party member and elected as Mavoko MP under Wiper, Makau insisted that he will not allow Non-Wiper party members to take Machakos Gubernatorial ticket saying that he has been a loyal member of Wiper party for a long time. Makau said that he knows the party background more than anyone else asking the party to consider visioned and goal-minded leaders when issuing tickets.

“I have fought for this party. Wiper Party is our bedroom, and we will not allow visitors to sleep in our bedroom. We will not allow just anybody to sit on our bed, wiper.” The MP added.

Makau was addressing the media after attending a church service at AIC Mitaboni, Kathiani Constituency, Machakos County.

Makau is running for Machakos Gubernatorial Seat in this year’s general elections battling for the seat with former CAS Wavinya Ndeti, Former State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita, Machakos County Assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi, UDA Chair Johnson Muthama and other candidates.

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