If you deny me the Wiper ticket, it will be noisy and messy Patrick Makau warns Kalonzo

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau addressing the media at Love Village, Kalama Ward, Machakos. (Photo - Hillary/Mauvoo)

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has cautioned Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and the party that it will be noisy and messy if he is denied the Wiper ticket for Machakos Governor in the party primaries.

Addressing Love village residents in Kalama, Machakos County, Makau insisted that he will be running for Machakos Governor Seat in this year’s general elections saying that he won’t step down for anyone.

“Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka, I want to tell you that if you deny me the ticket, it will be Noisy and Messy,” Makau said.

“I am the right candidate for this position. I have worked for my people as MP Mavoko. Let my competitors show us what they have done during their time in power.” Makau added.

Speaking in Mwala last week, Makau alleged a plot by the Wiper party to deny him the ticket and give it to Wavinya Ndeti.

The Machakos Gubernatorial ticket may now be posing a big headache to Kalonzo and the Wiper party. In 2017 Machakos gubernatorial nominations Bernard Kiala and Wavinya Ndeti faced off. Claims of rigging emerged with Wavinya garnering over 200,000 votes. This seemingly historic voter turn out in nominations was also alleged to involve ghost voters by Kiala’s supporters.

The result was that Kiala and Johnson Muthama then fell out with the party and retreated, one of the factors blamed for the party’s loss in the elections where Alfred Mutua recaptured the seat.

Makau will be battling with Wavinya Ndeti and Speaker Florence Mwangangi for the Wiper Gubernatorial ticket.

“We can’t allow foreigners in our home Machakos and still we can’t allow people who can’t represent us well. Let us choose wisely. North, South, West, and East, Patrick Makau is your best Governor.” Makau told locals.

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