Makau Fires Shots at Muthama as the Machakos Gubernatorial Race Heats Up

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau addressing congregants at ABC Utithini Kangundo. (Photo -Juline/Mauvoo)

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has fired shots at UDA chairman Johnson Muthama for showing interest in vying for the Machakos gubernatorial seat.

Speaking at Uthini in Kangundo Subcounty, Makau said that the former senator had not worked when he was the MP for kangundo, and the works seen were done by other MPs not him.

“Even if it’s Muthama, I have never seen anywhere where Muthama worked, when 2013 Katatha and Mule were elected they are the ones who worked with the CDF, Muthama did nothing to the people,” he said.

“And if he was unable to work with 65 million that was given through CDF, how will he manage to do development with 12 billion in the County Government, when counting Governors don’t count Muthama, tell him to go and sell gemstones,” added Makau.

Makau who has declared his interest in the Machakos gubernatorial seat has been firing shots at other candidates terming himself as the rightful leader to take over Mutua.

Last week, Makau dismissed Statehouse chief of staff Nzioka Waita’s Machakos Gubernatorial ambition. Makau who was speaking in Mlolongo dismissed Waita as a coward for putting up billboards without mentioning his name and the position he will be vying for.

Makau also said he influenced the appointment of Wavinya Ndeti as CAS and that of Florence Mwangangi as the Machakos County Assembly speaker. The Mavoko MP accused Wavinya of taking credit for projects in her ministry which commenced before she was appointed and lobbied by others. On Machakos Speaker Florence Mwangangi, Makau said she lobbied MCAs to vote for her so that she oversights Mutua

On the 29th of December 2021, Former Machakos Senator and UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama publicly declared that he will run for Machakos gubernatorial seat in the next year’s general election. Speaking at a function in Matungulu sub-county, Muthama said that many people were uncertain whether he is vying for the seat or not. He clarified that this time he was going to campaign for the seat like never before.

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