Anxiety grips Mlolongo as 4 stolen Donkeys are found slaughtered

Apprehension has gripped Sabaki residents in Mlolongo after 4 donkeys were found slaughtered and some parts of their bodies missing.

The residents who spoke to Mauvoo News expressed fears that the meat could have been sold as beef in local butcheries.

By today morning the donkey carcasses were lying near Suraya 4 winds. The owner of the donkeys has not been identified yet.

The residents are now calling upon the department of health in Machakos county to crack the whip on those behind the bizarre happening.

This is because the meat could be in circulation as unsuspecting residents continue to consume it.

“We are calling upon the department of health to investigate the meat being sold because after this incident we can’t be sure if we are consuming donkey meat or not,” one of the residents said.

The residents also expressed concerns over the resurgence of animal theft in the area calling on the department of health to inspect food joints in the area.

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