Middle-aged Man hacks Aunt to Death in Muthetheni

A middle-aged man from Muti Umwe village in Muthetheni Location of Mwala sub-county has hacked his aunt to death.

Confirming the incident Muthetheni location Chief Raphael Mutua said that the man took a panga and cut his aunt who is the wife of his uncle to death.

Chief Raphael revealed that the suspect was stressed after his wife left him after a disagreement. The man was blaming his aunt for his predicaments.

“Last night we received some saddening news that a man aged between 30-35 hacked his 40-50-year-old aunt to death. The man had disagreements with his wife who had left him and because of stress he blamed his uncle’s wife(the aunt)for his wife leaving him,” said Chief Raphael.

“The police really acted swiftly and rescued the man from being killed by irate residents and took him in custody waiting to be arraigned in court on Monday,” he added.

The chief went on to urge residents not to take haste actions when things get tough. He pleaded with them to always consult people when they have disagreements with family rather than taking matters into their own hands.

The body of the deceased was taken to Machakos Level 5 mortuary for preservation while the man is at Masii Police Station.

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