Mbuvi discloses he released ‘Kwata Kawaya’ song while homeless

Victor Mbuvi known for the hit song ‘Kwata Kawaya’ says at the time he wrote the song he was homeless.

In a recent interview, Mbuvi said that the song came out in 2011 and he had nowhere to stay.

According to him writing the song was challenging since it was a happy song yet he was going through a lot.

He noted that the song is derived from Psalms 118:24 and Philippians 4:4 in the Bible which speak about rejoicing in the lord.

“I was staying at a friend’s house. I did not have anywhere to stay yet I wrote the song saying, it’s a beautiful day, a day for happiness lift your hands and glorify God, how would one rejoice when you have nothing, but that is how faith works,” he said.

He revealed that after releasing the along and several others his life took shape for the better.

Mbuvi noted life in Stardorm is not easy as your life is no longer your business anymore but everyone’s.

“You can never say you want your own life anymore once you are up there because it’s no longer your life anymore. As a gospel artist you have to realize people love you because of God and if not for him you are nothing,” Mbuvi added.

The ‘Kivevelo’ singer said he cannot resort to chasing clout to market his music along like other artists.

“I represent someone who is more legit and solid, he does not need clout,” he said.

Unknown to many Mbuvi gave up on his lecturing career to focus on music since his passion to sing was more than that of teaching.

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