Msiniite Uncle wa Mitoto tena -Katombi’s latest song takes the internet by storm

Kamba Benga artist Alex Kasau alias Katombi has taken the internet by storm with his latest song “Kiongosi”.

A day after its release, the song has over 80,000 views on YouTube and is trending at number 12.

“This money that you see sometimes has issues, if you have no money you can never get any respect. I know and understand it very well, I’m called Bazu because of the money. If I go broke you cannot call me that.” Part of the song goes (translated).

“When I didn’t have money I faced it rough, ladies kept away from me. These days they call me uncle, but I now don’t want to be called ‘uncle wa Mitoto’ anymore. Brother, without money you are no one, work hard like ants to be granted respect so that you stop calling everyone Kiongosi.” The song went on.

The singer also advised his fans that making money is not easy and they should take care of it. He revealed that this is his year to make money and he will only answer calls that are giving him business.

“This is my year to hustle. There are things I don’t want like unhelpful company. If it is not money hang up, I will call you.” The song went on.

Here are some reactions to the Kiongosi song;

Kipchirchir Boniface said, “Am a Kalenjin but whenever I hear your song I find myself on the dance floor.”

Dennis Muya said, “Nobody can stop kisinga from being the top Benga musician in ukambani.”

Sanga Ke said, “Most of us here don’t understand the language but we are still stuck the tune is on fire smooth, and taught at the same time.”

Membau Boys said, “Based on the song waaaaaaaah appearance nikama shooting was done on USA. Since katombi aanze BAZU 1,2,3, the songs videos have good directors. Kamba musicians should copy here the song is directed well from the beginning till end.”

Jonathan Kasembi said, “

The King of Benga taking Kamba music to the world, Video nayo imeenda Shule. You have delivered well in everything in this song, from Audio, Vocals to Video.

Dominic Nzuki added, “Your videos are on another level, keep up bro. Leading by example. Wausidana naku kamba Benga music ndevo saa iii.

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The Video;

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