Kana Nicko’s latest hit takes the internet by storm

Kana Nicko’s latest hit ‘Kivuthya ti Kiseo’ has taken the internet by storm. Barely a week after its release, the song has close to 80,000 views on YouTube and has emerged as a favorite in TikTok with fans doing a challenge for the song.

The artist in the song says that people in this world are different and some have evil hearts and if it is not for the mercies of God some of those evil people would have finished him already.

Kana Nicko in another verse wonders what those people in the Bible who lived 900 years gave to God so that he also does the same.

“But Eka nasye no sawa, nimuwishi inywonthe sikuuu mbailu – But let me just say it’s okay, I wish you all happy holidays.” The chorus of the song goes.

“I kneel and say to God thank you. The year has ended and I am well and strong. I see it’s like the angels take care of me. According to what I see, an angel has been sent by God to protect me.” The song goes on.

Here are some of the reactions to the song;

Linet Mumbua said, “What a nice song? napendanga nyimbo zako sana no day passes without listening..much love king of rhumba..mungu azidi kukuinua.”

John Matei said, “Ndeto nzeo na mboya nzeo, keep the fire burning, your down to earth guy. We met early this week around mutindwa area embakasi.”

Lucy consolata said, “Kivuthya kya Goliathi…..jajaaaa tuekanei na Kivuthya mbaitu. You made my Day kijana. ..greetings ….listening from Spain. Onakwa mboyeaa kila mundu athembi nginya aoi oonthe twio syana sya Ngai…..kip it up dear jajaaaa.”

Redempta Mumo said, “The song is too good, it has got good morals to us. lakini kavuti ka kyuma ndio imenimalizaaa.”

Nzale Somba said, “Kitu safi tena mature content,no one can resist your songs,sikuku mbailu onaku.”

Elizabeth Muthini added, “Kana Niko, sauti tamu na nyimbo tamu, I really feel encouraged by your songs, hakuna matusi kama watu wengine, keep the spirit up and wish you the best, mob love.”

Janiffer Mary added, “Aki napenda nyimbo zako dear, nyimbo zako zinakuanga na heshima ata vedio zako ziko na heshima Sana, hao dancers wako Huwa wanavaa ki heshima Sana.”

The video;

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