Kimilu:Delayed funds crippling education sector

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has faulted the national government for failing to disburse money for Constituency Development Fund and capitation for schools.

Speaking at Kyamuthei, Kimilu said that the education sector is glaring at a possible crippling if the government won’t release money soon.

He noted that schools are on a tight budget and soon may not be able to even buy food for their students.

Also, the bursary disbursement has been delayed due to lack of funds.

“Principals are on the verge of closing schools, there is no capitation money only empty promises, no CDF money has been disbursed thus making it unable to issue bursaries,” said Kimilu.

He called on Kenyans not to be duped into supporting the Finance bill as it is meant to burden Kenyans even more promising to be among MPs who will vote against it despite threats.

“Don’t listen to those politicians lying to you that any lawmaker who will shoot down the finance bill won’t get development. We all pay taxes if that is the case then those who pass the bill should pay taxes alone,” he noted.

Kimilu spoke after launching the grading of several roads destroyed by rains. The roads include Mukuyuni to Kyuasini Road, Kyambeke to Ukia Road, and Kiusyusyu Road at a cost of 31 million.

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