KNUT boss calls on Government to release Secondary School capitation funds

Kenya National Union of Teachers Executive (KNUT) Secretary Yatta and Masinga branch Michael Kasimba Ngui has called upon the National Government to release the capitation funds for running secondary school activities.

Ngui while addressing the media at Yatta said that the delay in the release of the funds has made it hard for the principals to run the institution’s programs and projects.

“Our secondary schools in Kenya were not given capitation money since January. The funds’ released last term were for the fourth quarter share for last year. Since February there has been no money that has been given. Our principals are really trying to sustain the students. We are asking the Government to prioritize releasing the capitation funds for this year so that learning and other school programs continue,” Kasimba said.

He dismissed claims that the government lacks enough money to finance the institutions, urging that the funds budgeted for functions such as foreign travel should instead be diverted into educational activities.

“I urge the president to call off foreign travels, and statehouse meetings and give the money spent and shared during these meetings to secondary schools “, he went on.

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