Nabii wa uongo! Kalonzo likens Kenya Kwanza to sheep in wolf’s clothing

Wiper Party Leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has come out guns blazing at the Kenya Kwanza administration for lying to Kenyans during the campaign period.

Speaking during prayers organized by Wiper Party at Yatta Farm, Kalonzo said that Kenya Kwanza promised better lives to Kenyans but instead delivered a high cost of living.

“I want to remind Kenyans that we continually spoke of “false prophets” they will come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves, it is day by day becoming patently clear that Kenya Kwanza lied to us,” said Kalonzo.

The Azimio One Kenya Alliance Principal went on to call on Members of Parliament both from Kenya Kwanza and Azimio not to pass the Finance Bill 2023.

He noted that for the sake of Kenyans, the MPs should not pass the bill so that they can save Kenyans from heavy taxation.

“We ask all MPs regardless of their coalitions to stand with the people of Kenya and reject the Finance Bill,” Kalonzo went on.

“We will push for an open vote where one’s name is called out and he or she openly affirms Yes or No. Kenyans want to know whether you are with them or against them,” he added.

ODM leader Raila Odinga and Martha Karua were in attendance together with other leaders and members from Wiper party and other Azimio parties.

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