Kimilu blasts Ruto over tribal state appointments

Kaiti Member of Parliament Joshua Kimilu has rebuked the Kenya Kwanza administration over recent appointments.

Speaking at a burial at Mukuyuni, Kimilu noted with concerns that the recent Government appointments favored two tribes in the country.

The lawmaker said the other tribes were feeling left out in the government that is supposed to serve them.

“I agree with the Anglican church that there is so much tribalism in the government. Only two tribes are being given jobs, our Kamba people have been sacked in parastatals and we would like to tell the government it is treading on dangerous grounds,” said Kimilu.

According to him, tribal appointments will fan tribal politics and even fights in the country.

“We should not tolerate something that will cause fights amongst Kenyans at all so the government should stop such appointments based on tribe,” he added.

Kimilu urged President William Ruto to serve Kenyans as one stating that everyone has a right to service despite their political affiliation.

He also condemned the proposal by President Ruto for civil servants to be taxed a 3 percent house levy from their salaries.

“Mortgage is optional you cannot build houses for people by force. The Government should instead focus on reducing the cost of living that way people can be able to build their own houses and when the bill is brought to parliament be assured we will shoot it down,” He went on.

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