Matungulu West MCA demands fair distribution of development projects

Matungulu West MCA Raphael Nzau Lucky has urged the national and county governments to ensure fair distribution of development projects.

Speaking in Kisukioni, Lucky noted with concern that many development projects were being clouded in one area leaving others without any development.

He said that some public land is being grabbed because no development is going on and noted that it is important to be fair in project distribution.

“I have noted with concern that some areas with projects are getting more while some other areas lack development projects. I wish we could do things equally so that everyone can benefit,” said Lucky.

“I have also seen schools with many projects being added more while other schools lack basic infrastructure, we are missing something if we continue to do what we are doing,” he added.

Lucky spoke after attending several functions in the sub-county where he urged the County Government to improve the Kisukioni market.

He said the market lacks proper lighting and a public toilet that will serve the traders. 

“The market is on the highway thus serving a lot of people, we would be glad if the market is installed with cabros to improve its outlook, we have heard many leaders politicking using the market with many promises which never come to be,” he said.

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