Mwingi Central Residents Raise Alarm Over resurgence of Camel Herders

In a disturbing trend that has left residents on edge, camel herders who were previously chased away from Mwingi Central, specifically in Ekaba, have reportedly started to return. Locals are now raising their voices, urging the government to take swift action to prevent these unwanted herders from grazing on their lands, as they fear for their safety and the security of their livelihoods.

According to reports from concerned villagers, the camel herders have not only returned but are engaging in aggressive behavior, especially towards those who deny them access to their farmlands. Tragically, there have been instances where clashes between herders and villagers have resulted in the loss of lives, as the herders allegedly graze their camels on the food crops of peasant farmers.

The situation has created a palpable sense of fear and frustration among the local population, prompting them to call on the government for urgent intervention. The residents argue that the return of these herders not only poses a direct threat to their lives but also jeopardizes the food security of the entire community.

Community leader, Jane Njeri, expressed the desperation of the residents, saying, “We cannot live in constant fear for our lives and the safety of our children. These herders are destroying our crops, and the government must act swiftly to protect us and our livelihoods.”

Authorities are being urged to increase security measures in the affected areas and deploy personnel to monitor and address the escalating tensions. Additionally, residents are calling for the establishment of a dialogue between the government, community leaders, and the herders to find a peaceful and sustainable resolution to the issue.

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