Mwingi North Residents spend Nights in the Cold After Somali Camel Herders invade

Residents of Mandongoi in Ngomeni Ward, Mwingi North constituency, are spending nights in the cold for fear of being attacked by Camel herders.

The residents called upon the national government to help them drive away the camels since they had already started feasting on their plants affected by the failed rains.

They requested their area MP Paul Nzengu to come and help them, just like how they have seen other MPs from Kitui South and Kitui East pushing the government to drive away Camel herders from Tana River.

One of the residents speaking to Mauvoo News via a phone call lamented that the Camel herders have been invading their farms every year in Mandongoi and grazing their camels on their farms. The residents further claimed that when they try to tell the herders to drive away their camels, they threaten them with the guns they own, and thus they are on the verge of a hunger crisis.

“I have a farm here at Mandongoi, and this week, three ‘worias’ ( Somali herdsmen) brought their camel on my farm and grazed their camels and chased away one of my farm workers. The camels feed on my crops, and I don’t have any food to feed my children, so I request the county and national government to help us because some people are spending nights in the forest, fearing being attacked by the herders,” Mwendwa Muthengi a resident of Mandongoi stated.

Mandongoi is one of the areas in Kitui that have been getting constant attacks from the Camel herders over time, and the government keeps on assuring locals action will be taken.

The residents now want their area MP to take charge and help them find a lasting solution because their farms have been destroyed for a long time without any compensation.

Earlier this week, Kitui county commissioner Mbogai Rioba promised to deploy more security to the areas bordering Kitui and Tana River. Missed the story? check it out below;

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