Matungulu NG-CDF on the spot over 40 projects worth 49 million and Irregular procurement of construction materials

Matungulu NG-CDF management has been put on the spot over 40 projects worth 49 million that had not commenced during the time of the 2019/2020 Financial year audit.

“According to the project implementation status report, 137,367,724 had been allocated for implementation of 80 projects during the financial year 2019/2020. However, an audit inspection of the projects in January 2021 revealed that the implementation of forty 40 projects with a total allocation of 49,475,000 had not commenced…Failure to implement the approved projects on a timely basis hindered improved service delivery to the constituents. Delayed implementation of projects may also lead to cost escalations.” The Auditor-General in the report said.

The Audit report also raised a red flag on the procurement of construction materials at Sengani Girls Secondary where a 2-storey building was being built at 7 million.

“A review of projects records revealed that Sengani Girls Secondary School received disbursements of Kshs.4,000,000 and Kshs.3,050,000 in the financial years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 respectively both totaling 7,050,000 for construction of 2 storey building. However, construction materials were procured through request for quotations method of procurement in spite of the budget allocation and the total price in the bill of quantities being higher than the threshold provided for use of the method. In the circumstances, the Management was in breach of the Law” The report went on.

The report also queried inconsistencies in bank balances. The statement of assets and liabilities and Note 10A to the financial statements reflect bank balances of 34,817,445. However, the bank reconciliation statement for the month of June 2020 reflected unpresented cheques totaling 2,356,000 in respect of bursary payments dating back to the year 2017.

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