Katine residents worried over resurgence of illicit brew

Locals of Katine in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos County have expressed worries over the resurgence of illicit brew. The locals urged the provincial administration to help in the fight against outlawed brew businesses.

Led by Thomas Kivondyo the locals said that the brewing of illicit brew had stopped but the business has resumed.

They called for continuous raids and crackdowns to ensure the dens were closed. 

“The brewing had stopped for a while due to the raids that had been done but now the business is back and we are afraid for our youth. This is because illicit brew has caused this place to be left behind in terms of development,” said Kivindyo.

He noted that he and other locals on Thursday were able to nab 240 litres of Kangara but the suspects vanished into thin air.

“We called the police who came and took the brew, we won’t relent in the fight against illicit brew, our people will not die again from these cheap and dangerous drinks. We are requesting for the DC, ACC, and chiefs to join us and ensure the business ends once and for all,” Kivindyo added.

Late last year a series of crackdowns had been conducted in the area leading to the arrest of several people involved in the business.

Earlier this week Evelyn Wekesa, Matungulu Deputy County Commissioner disclosed an ongoing Rapid Results Initiative(RRI) meant to stop the sale of counterfeit alcohol and illicit liquor.

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