Katine Village, Matungulu Where the dead go to sleep in rocks

Katine village in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county is known for quarries that have created job opportunities for the locals. The area sits on rocks commonly referred to as the gold of Matungulu.

Believe it or not in this place the deeper you dig the more rocks you find.

However too much of everything is dangerous and as the locals marvel over the income from the quarries they have to deal with a number of disadvantages.

“The quarries have given locals job opportunities, we can now provide for our families and take our children to school,” said a local who spoke to Mauvoo News.

First, they cannot be able to practise farming since the area is rocky and crops can’t thrive. Also the empty quarries become danger pits when full of rainwater and there have been cases of drowning reported over the years.

That is not the problem, when these people lose their loved ones, digging a grave is an exhausting job. They have to dig deeper to remove rocks and ensure there is enough space, six feet under.

But still, the casket of the deceased will end up lying between rocks and be covered with some rocks and soil. The residents say that digging the graves cost them a lot due to the rocks.

“It takes a lot of time and money too unless people volunteer to do it for free and these can be relatives or neighbours,” Another resident went on.

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