Tala: Locals protest increased sex workers

Residents in Tala town in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county are up in arms over increased sex workers in the town.

Some of the locals who spoke to Mauvoo News noted that the ungodly activities begin at around 10 pm when there are few activities in the town.

The locals are accusing the sex workers of conniving with thugs to rob people and businesses during the night.

“Tala is turning into Koinange Street mostly on the Tala-Kilimambogo road you will find these half-dressed women hunting for potential customers. They are not only degrading our morals but a security threat too, anywhere this business is thriving robbery is also witnessed,” said a local who sought anonymity.

They also called upon the security agents to investigate and root out the ‘Twilight girls’ from the town.

“We know the town is cosmopolitan and is growing but we should not sit and be comfortable as such a business is thriving alluring our young girls. The police should investigate and ensure the business ends,” said another local.

“It may seem like an innocent adventure but it’s for sure a ticking bomb that may go off anytime and by the time we know it, Tala will be home to vicious and dangerous gangs operating,” he added.

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