Matungulu: Pupils on the verge of getting Diseases over poor sanitation

Pupils at Matuu Estate Primary School are on the verge of contracting Disease from poor sanitation in the school.

Mauvoo News took a visit to the school which is in Matungulu Sub-county in Machakos County and saw the state of the toilets in the school.

Speaking to a parent from the school, they raised their concerns over the situation of the toilets noting that it was saddening and horrifying to see the toilets like that.

The parent went on to request Matungulu Member of Parliament Stephen Mule through the National Government Constituency Development Fund(NG-CDF) to construct a new toilet.

“We are asking the MP, we voted for you, kindly construct a toilet for pupils as soon as possible. The one’s they are using are dilapidated and there is no time they cannot collapse while the pupils are inside,” said the parent.

“If the National Government has released funds for development let this be given the first priority so that our pupils can stop contracting urinary tract infections,” added the parent.

Speaking to the NG-CDF office in Matungulu they said that the school had sent in a proposal for the issue and they were waiting for the government to release money for development so that they can send a contractor

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