Kangundo Primary Gets 12 New Toilets After Rains Destroyed The Old

Kangundo AIC Primary Pupils have something to smile about after they got new toilets. The ones they had were destroyed by heavy rains during the rainy season.

Speaking after the launch of the 12 toilets in Kangundo AIC primary, Kangundo Central MCA Moses Mitaa said that leaders can come together with the residents and do major projects in their areas.

Mitaa was speaking after partnering with the residents and alumni of the school managing to build the 12 toilets.

The toilets had collapsed during the rainy season and the school which hosts a population of over 800 pupils was going through a lot of trouble and health hazards.

“Leaders in the community you do not need to get funds from the government so that you can commission projects in your area, you can come together with the community and do major projects,” said Mitaa.

“I thank the alumni of this school and community members because when the toilets collapsed they saw it fit the children get somewhere else where they can relieve themselves without risking their lives and today we have this beautiful project with us,” added Mitaa.

Speaking after the commissioning of the toilets the school Board Chair Samuel Kituna thanked the community and MCA for the initiative they took to better the lives of the pupils.

“I want to thank the MCA for hearkening to our cry and coming to our rescue. Today we have toilets that are enough for the students in this school,” he said.

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