Kaiti MP Warns teachers preying on female pupils

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has asked the Ministry of Education to take action on the Kyamuthei Primary School head teacher accused of sexually assaulting female pupils.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Kimilu issued a warning to teachers preying on female students that the law will catch up with them.

The lawmaker said it is important for parents to know that their children are safe in school.

Kimilu asked the Teachers Service Commission to assign another teacher to head the school in a bid to ensure learning is not disrupted.

“The issue about Kyamuthei Primary School headteacher has reached me. It is saddening and I am requesting for the Ministry of Education to take action on the teacher, investigate the issue carefully and let us know the truth,” Kimilu said.

“In my Constituency, I will not permit such habits whatsoever that is why I am issuing a warning to any teacher doing the same that soon they will be behind bars,” he added.

Kimilu spoke after calming the demonstrating parents and urging them not to disrupt lessons.

He called unto them to let the Ministry of Education take over the matter and do the due diligence.

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