Matungulu MP Aspirant calls out Government on Tala-Donyo Sabuk and Kangundo roads

The National Government has been urged to ensure that they develop Roads leading to Matungulu sub-county as a way of boosting the economy for the residents.

Speaking at Kanaani area in Kyeleni ward of Matungulu Subcounty Dr. Philip Munyao an MP Aspirant in Matungulu said that most roads in sub-counties especially Matungulu had been left behind terming it as negligence.

Munyao noted that with Matungulu Subcounty being a metropolitan many of the roads which lay under the National government were unattended saying that if they were constructed the economy of the country improve as well as reduce poverty levels in the area.

“All I ask for the government is to construct our roads, especially Kangundo road it should be a dual carriageway many lives have been lost there because of the road is small, we have Tala-Donyo Sabuk road it needs to complete for the sake of our community, “The MP Aspirant said.

“If the National Government build those roads as a community we would be much ahead. Matungulu is a metropolitan sub-county, through road infrastructure the poverty levels will reduce because investors will be flowing,” he added.

Dr. Philip Munyao who had gone to hand over a wheelchair to a family in Kyeleni ward called on parents not to hide their disabled children but rather bring them out so that they can get assistance.

“For the parents with disabled children stop hiding them bring them out in the open so they can be helped and they get the necessary assistance from well-wishers,” He went on.


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