Matungulu: Farmer Loses Dorper Sheep Worth 250,000

A farmer in Matungulu of Machakos County is counting losses after an unknown animal killed his four Dorper sheep worth 250,000.

According to Thomas Nzuki, he woke up to the shocking incident where he found the four sheep lying dead.

He noted that the unknown animal might have climbed through the wall and caused the havoc.

“I woke up to shocking news, I found four Dorper sheep that belong to my boss dead. It seems an unknown animal climbed over the wall and caused havoc. Their intestines and necks had been torn apart and the animal had left marks of long sharp claws” said Thomas.

Other farmers in the area also have raised concerns over the unknown animal, another revealing that he had lost his sheep in the same manner.

Former Machakos County Public Service Board Chairman George Kioko Wa Luka lost five sheep in the same manner while another lost 10 sheep.

Now the affected farmers want Kenya Wildlife Service to come and sort out the issue by revealing the animal that is causing the damage.

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