9 cows belonging to Mutua’s security head found dead in Matungulu

Police in Matungulu sub-county have launched investigations over 9 cows that were found dead in Tala, Kithimani area.

The 9 cows belonged to Henfrey Nzioka who was the former Head of Security of ex-Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

According to the sub-county Police Commander Peter Omondi, the death of the cows was suspected to be poison.

“We got a report from Mr. Nzioka who is a dairy and beef cattle farmer, he woke up in the morning and found 9 of his cows dead at their cattle shed. We came and established the report to be true, we incorporated the veterinary officer of this area for clarification on what has happened,” said the sub-county boss.

“The preliminary results show suspected poisoning which is yet to be established, the samples will be taken to a government lab for testing” he added.

Addressing the press Henfrey said that he was still in shock over the issue revealing that he had lost over Ksh. 300,000.

“Am a farmer I keep cows, goats, and sheep as well as farm. This morning I woke up and came to my cattle shed and was shocked to find 9 of my cows lying helpless and I discovered that they had died, “Henfry narrated.

“We reported to the police and they came together with the veterinary officer and they visited the scene. Am still in shock because have lost Kshs. 300,000 through this and that is saddening,” he added.

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