Masinga residents raise concerns over bhang dealers with big farms in the area

Residents of Masinga sub-county, Machakos county have called upon the police to do thorough investigations after bhang worth millions was found planted on a farm in the area.

The troubled locals led by Lawrence Mwanza expressed concerns about how much bhang was planted without the police knowing.

They said it is possible the perpetrators of the crime could be having some sort of protection that allowed them to continue with their business until things blew up.

“We thank the area chief Sebastian Mang’ee for moving with speed in and nabbing the herb with the help of the officer. One may wonder how such a large farm of the outlawed drug existed for long without being discovered,” Lawrence said.

He explained that detailed investigations should be done in a bid to catch the main suspects in the case.

“Thorough investigations should be done to unravel the mystery surrounding the case. The air should be cleared and the doubts surrounding it put to rest because more than ten bags of bang is not a small thing. We should know why the suspects got the courage to plant so much,”he noted.

He called upon the community to unite in eradicating drug abuse from the area.

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