Residents of Kunda Kindu – Kitui Raise Concerns Over Leaking Sewage

Sewage flowing from the public toilets in Kunda Kindu Kitui even after the residents clearing the mess. (Photo -Joshua/Mauvoo )

Residents and business people of the Kunda Kindu area at the heart of Kitui have protested leaking sewage from one of the public toilets.

The sewage spilled at the Kunda kindu bus park, and business was brought to a standstill over the weekend.

The business community lamented that one of the toilets was filled up a month ago and called on the County Government to send an exhauster to come and empty it, but they have never responded.

To their shock, the flowing sewage coming from the toilet leaked at night, and when they came to their usual business places, they found that the waste was flowing to the bus park; thus, they couldn’t carry on with their routine activities.

“Today there was an issue of sewage of the toilet we use here blocking and spilling everywhere. I mobilized the businesswomen who sell things here and matatu people to carry the disgusting waste that had a foul smell,” Kalonzo of Kitui Wendo Sacco told Mauvoo News.

Kalonzo pointed out that they took the initiative of cleaning the mess because the passengers who were traveling were at risk of coming in contact with the effluent and carrying it to their homes, putting their families at risk of getting infections like typhoid and other diseases.

“We took buckets and brooms and swept the dirty sewage with clean water to the river. It will cause another risk of getting diseases when people use the water from the stream. I want to ask the county government to intervene because they are risking people’s lives because there are also food kiosks here and vegetable shades,” he added.

Mauvoo News has learned that the pipe carrying the sewage effluents is of low quality, and that’s why after the toilets were blocked, the pipes couldn’t sustain the weight of the sewage.

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