Mbooni NG-CDF on the spot over 33M bursaries and 36 Projects worth 37M

The management of the Mbooni NG-CDF has been put on the spot over bursary allocation worth over 33 Million and 36 projects worth over 37 million. This is an Audit report for the Financial Year 2019/2020.

“Included in the expenditure are bursary disbursements to secondary schools, tertiary institutions and special schools amounting to 18,720,491, 14,765,491 and 495,000 respectively, all totalling 33,980,982. However, the supporting records to 486 learning institutions had amounts totalling 33,006,902 resulting to an unexplained difference amounting to 974,080.” The Audit report read in part.

“Consequently, it has not been possible to confirm the accuracy, completeness, and validity of bursary disbursements totalling 33,980,982 for the year ended 30 June 2019 could not be confirmed.” The report went on.

During the year under audit a total of 135,367,724 was allocated for the implementation of 141 projects. However, 74 projects totalling 31,748,241 were completed, 31 projects with an allocation totalling 65,645,226 were still ongoing while the remaining 36 projects with funding allocation amount of 37,974,257 were not commenced.

“No satisfactory explanation has been rendered for the delays or measures being put in place to remedy the continued delays.
In the circumstances, it was not possible to confirm whether the public will obtain value for money from an expenditure totalling 37,974,257 allocated to projects which had not been commenced.”The Auditor in the report noted.

The Auditor also flagged Information Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation Hub in Tawa which cost 1,169,257. According to the report, physical verification revealed that although the Hub had been completed, it had not been put to use.

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