Man seeks help after wife left him for hugging their house help

A Kamba man is seeking help in reuniting with his wife who packed and left him. The man according to a message he had sent to a local radio station, his wife had left him because she was unhappy about him hugging the house help daily after work.

The father of two explained that his wife is a stay-at-home mom and every time he gets off from work he hugs his wife kids and even the housemaid.

He insisted that his hugs to the maid are just appreciation for the good work she has been doing especially with the kids but his wife has not been happy with it.

“My wife does not work and I don’t have an issue with that. Every day when I get home from work I always hug her, the kids, and the maid but my wife frowns when I hug the maid and I have explained to my wife that nothing is going on between the house help and me but she has refused to listen. I only appreciate it because the house help has helped so much more so with the kids,” he narrated.

The man said the wife sacked the maid and left with the kids carrying all his things in the house.

On calling her to find out what is wrong, she told him to marry the house help, this confusing him.

“I found the house empty and everyone had left, I was confused and called my wife who blasted me telling me to go and marry the house help,” he said asking for advice.

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