4 Arrested in Connection with Theft and Burning Mwingi Businessman House

Police in Mwingi are probing a matter where unknown people razed the house of a woman identified as Tabitha Mwinzi after stealing money from her in Itendeu, Mwingi Central.

Mwingi sub-county police commander Peter Mutuma revealed that together with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers they have already arrested four suspects in connection with the theft and are being held at the Mwingi police station before being taken to court.

“On Thursday 5th May we got information that five people broke into someone’s house near Itendeu Market where they asked the owner of the house for money. The owner of the house is a businessman and after they found out that he hadn’t arrived, they talked with his wife who explained to them that her husband had not arrived. They forced the woman to give them money and when the woman refused and said that there is no money they caused a lot of commotion,” Sub-County commander Mutuma explained.

According to reports, the neighbors responded by rushing to the scene after hearing the commotion but when the robbers saw that they will be arrested they snatched the woman’s mobile phone and torched the house before running to hide.

The neighbors came to put off the fire and save the woman who informed them that the robbers had made away with her phone after asking for her M-Pesa pin.

“They went to Mwingi town and withdrew 50,000 from the woman’s phone, unfortunately by coincidence and good rapport with the members of the public on Friday we hatched a plan and got one of the suspects and so far we have four and two are helping us and we are sure we will get all the suspects to have a concrete case. we have taken a miscellaneous application to the court as we continue tracing the others,” Mutuma added.

The sub-county commander thanked the members of the public for working with the police to see that cases of crime in Mwingi are eradicated and called them not to remain silent when they see such cases.

He condemned the act of burning the house and forcefully obtaining the money saying that it is against the law and Kamba norms.

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