Relief for Hunger stricken Mwingi residents as National Government intervenes

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna distributing relief food to Mwingi residents in Mwingi Town. (Photo - Joshua/Mauvoo)

Over 1900 vulnerable residents affected by hunger from the Mwingi sub-county in Kitui County on Friday (March 4th) benefited from relief food from the National Government.

The distribution exercise was led by Col. Rt. Cyrus Oguna the Government spokesperson hosted by Solomon Chesut the Mwingi District Commissioner.

“We’re giving out this food given by our president Uhuru Kenyatta who saw it wise to salvage our people from hunger pangs. Although the support initially was given inform of money where people selected from the grassroots were being given 3,000 which sums to 5.7 million which has come here to Mwingi,” The Government spokesman said.

Oguna stated that the program that was there before of giving out 3,000 will be brought back and those affected by drought will be getting the money until the economy becomes stable or rainfall increases in the area.

The government spokesperson also reiterated that the money will be coming alongside the relief food since there are people at the grassroots who can’t access bank or M-Pesa services due to lack of electricity or poor network.

“The person with a mobile phone will get 3,000 and also get the relief food because we want to help mostly the vulnerable and will not be discriminating whether you have a phone or you don’t have, everyone who is registered to the program will get an equal share,” Oguna added.

He also disclosed that as opposed to earlier times when the food given by the government didn’t reach the people on time and cases of corruption were involved in distribution, this time it will be given without discrimination.

“We will continue giving the relief food until the rains come when you’ll be able to plant and get enough food in this area and that’s the message President Uhuru has sent me to tell you, great people of Mwingi, “He went on.

Oguna revealed that the relief food distributed in Mwingi will also be extended to other 25 counties which have been affected by the ongoing drought in the country.

Kitui is one of the counties that have been affected by the drought in Kenya where out of the eight constituencies only two received adequate rainfall for farming.

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