Kitui Chief Caught Stealing Relief Food as Hunger Bites

Residents of Miambani in Kitui Central were left in shock and disbelief after Miambani Chief Muthoka Kilonzo was caught stealing relief food meant to be distributed to needy residents.

According to reports, the chief was caught packing 12 bags of rice and beans to a Toyota probox from his office on Friday night where he escaped leaving his shoes before the residents could get hold of him.

One of the eyewitnesses speaking to Mauvoo News revealed that when he escaped they tried to pursue him but he vanished into thick bushes a few meters from his office.

“Muthoka disappeared and when we came to check the Probox he was packing the relief food to, we found around 5 bags of rice and 7 bags beans and he was being assisted to pack by a middle-aged man called Simon and another guy who drives tuk-tuk and the two were arrested by the police,” the witness said.

After the two were arrested and taken to the police station, the Assistant County Commissioner of Miambani tried calling his phone all in vain as he was not picking up his calls.

“He left his shoes here and we are now waiting for Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers to come and investigate the matter and launch a manhunt for the Chief. He has been having a tendency of stealing relief food and selling it at one of the shops in Miambani market,” another resident stated.

Paul Mwaura the Miambani Divisional Assistant County Commissioner confirming the incident stated that they have launched investigations to arrest the chief and the two other men who were assisting to load the relief food are being held at the Miambani police station.

This comes after Kitui was declared one of the poorest counties in Kenya and most of the residents are languishing in poverty. There has been hunger in most parts of the country due to inadequate rains which led to food insecurity.

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