Students Caught in Lodgings in Kabati, Kitui after closing school

Several high school students from various schools in Kitui county were caught in lodgings and bars at Kabati town after schools closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Some of them were caught with alcohol and condoms and are said engaging in sexual activities since they were teenage boys and girls.

When asked the reason for being found in lodgings and loitering in town, some of them said that the fare had been hiked and are waiting if transporters could reduce is so that they can go home.

Senior Assistant Chief of Kyondoni in Kauwi location Sammy Mwati who spoke to Mauvoo News said that “The children have closed schools and some of them have brought chaos here in Kabati town where we found some of them taking alcohol and miraa. We have been chasing some of them from bars and lodging and when asked why they haven’t gone home they said it’s because their parents have not sent them fare.”

Mwati urged the parents to always sent fare to their children in good time to avoid the inconveniences especially when they are going for their midterm and also before the closing of schools.

“Many of them are here loitering with their girlfriends and boyfriends and we won’t condone that anymore, because they have given us hard time in controlling them. We also request the teachers to take the initiative of ensuring that all students after they close schools go home and stop loitering in towns,” Assistant chief Mwati added.

Most of the matatus in Kitui town hiked fares and it caught some students at a disadvantage. The drivers argued that it’s because of the high cost of fuel.

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