Highlights of taxes in the Makueni County Finance bill 2021

Makueni County Finance Bill number 4 of 2021 was passed Wednesday in a committee of the whole house. The bill details how much will be paid as taxes in the County.

Application for a liquor license will be charged 1000 per year, Single business permit 300, and renewal 200. Boda Boda’s will pay 500 for annual registration as Taxis pay 2000, minibus 3000 and buses 5000 respectively.

Sand harvesting is one of the heavily taxed businesses in the county. Application for a commercial license per vehicle will be 100,000 annually and 10,000 monthly.

The Miraa traders will pay cess of 50 per kg and 2000 per bag of Muguka. Miraa per pickup and probox will be charged a cess of 5,000. Those Ploughing per Acre will need to pay cess of 1200 and excavation 3000 per hour.

Parking fees for buses will be 300 per day, minibusses 250, 13 seaters PSV 150 and below 10 seaters 70 a day. Personal cars and pick up will pay 50 per day and vehicles not registered in any Makueni Sacco 2000 per entry.

Distributors will now pay 10,000 annually for 1 vehicle and 20,000 for 2-3 vehicles. Above 10 vehicles will be 50,000 annually.

Those who hire Wote multipurpose hall will pay 5,000 per day and other social halls 2000 per day. Stadium charges will be 5000 per event. Most of the taxes remain unchanged and according to the MCAs, there was a need to cushion businesses that have been hurt by the effects of the pandemic.

The bill will now go to Governor Kibwana for signing before it becomes law. The full version of the Finance bill 2021 is available on the Makueni County Assembly Website.

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