How academic giants St. Charles Lwanga and Kitui school performed in KCSE 2020


Kitui School was among the best performing schools in 2020 KCSE with a mean score of 9.1509. The national school and one of the oldest schools in the regions had registered 159 candidates where 2 students scored an A constant, 22 A-, 40 with B+, 49 with a B constant, 32 with B-,8 with C+, and only 6 candidates garnered C constant

The overall percentage of the candidates who have secured direct entry to University is 96.23%. This is an improvement index of +0.5631 wherein in 2019 the school had a mean score of 8.5878. This is according to the school principal Mr. Bernard Mutua.

St. Charles Lwanga School has also shown an improvement in 2020 KCSE where they have attained a mean score of 8.35 compared to 2019 KCSE where they had a mean score of 7.71 thus an improvement of 0.64. The extra-county school has 10 A- (minus), 23 B+, 43 B, 43 B-, 22 C+, 16 C, and 3 C-.

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