Man 42, commits suicide at friend’s home in Makueni

A 42-year-old man committed suicide by hanging on a tree at a friend’s home in Katangi, Kibwezi sub-county of Makueni county.

According to village elder Joseph Malika, the man was traveling from Mombasa to Sultan Hamud. He however stopped to greet some of his friends in the area where he spent the whole of Sunday.

Shockingly on Monday morning, they discovered his dangling body from a tree near the house. The reason why he decided to end his life is still a mystery.

“His destination was Sultan Hamud but he got off on the way to visit his friends. He stayed the whole day and at night everyone went to sleep. In the morning while waking up they were shocked to find him dead his body hanging from a tree just a few meters from the home,” The village Elder said.

“It seems he hang himself at night as people slept, we have not yet established the reason why he killed himself since he left no note behind,” he added.

By the time of reporting police had not arrived at the scene to take away the body.

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