Makueni: Woman married to 2 men speaks of her regrets

Rael Mukeku, a 41-year-old woman from Katheka Kai, Makueni county hit the headlines in 2018 after disclosing her marriage to two men popularly known as Polyandrous.

Mukeku is married to Mutuku Mutia now aged 50 and Muema Nguu aged 55 years.

She has been blessed with 11 children and disclosed she got her first child in 1993.

She told the media that her first husband, Nguu got seriously sick in 2003 and thought he would die so he allowed her to have another man.

“He did not want me to be alone so he told me to look for another man whom they will talk and agree with instead of me sleeping around and getting infected with diseases,” Mukeku narrated.

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“He told me that if I am still young and should find someone we can all sit and talk about the terms and conditions and that is when I brought in the second man, Mutia, at first he was shocked but after talks, he agreed to take care of me and the kids,” she added.

The first husband did not die from the ailment and now Mukeku says the second husband comes to visit and even spends the night because he too had built a house and thus couldn’t move in with them.

She said she does not regret having two husbands as they live happily but she could have done better by choosing rich ones who would take good care of her and her children.

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