Iweto: Woman to Woman Marriage that solved barreness in Kamba families

Children have been the most priceless treasure in the African culture. In the Kamba community before Children adoption kicked in they practiced Iweto marriage.

This kind of woman-to-woman marriage was meant to ensure continuity of the lineage. It happened mostly when a woman was unable to give birth thus marrying another woman for her husband.

The newly married woman would give birth to the husband’s kids. A married woman who could not have kids would marry the Iweto who would give birth on her behalf.

This way if there is property and wealth there will be someone to inherit.

Also, an unmarried woman with children could be married as an Iweto and the kids would fit in the new family and carry the name.

Such kind of a marriage also happened when a woman was unable to bear a son. She would find another woman who has sons or can bear sons for her husband.

A spot check by Mauvoo News established that the culture although rare, it is still being practiced in some areas of Ukambani.

Let it be remembered that Iweto is married to the woman and not the man but very different from lesbianism.

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