Maima reveals his biggest regret in music

Celebrated Benga artist Alphonse Kioko popularly known as Maima has disclosed his biggest regret in his music career.

In a recent interview, Maima stated that at the peak of his career, he wasted money on luxury and failed to invest.

He said that between 2012 and 2014 he spent money on cars mostly changing them like clothes.

Later he realized the grave mistake he was making because the cars were not an investment but a liability.

“From 2014 no let us say 2014 when my music began picking, I used a lot of money exchanging cars like clothes. I would change vehicles depending on the number plates, whenever I felt bad I would buy another one. It came a time I realized the grave mistake I was making,” said Maima.

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“I began thinking about what investment I would make, remember if you leave a vehicle here it can get stolen or even destroyed by an investment that will be there even after years, vehicles are not riches,” he added.

The ‘Nthi ino Ndi tei’ hitmaker observed that many artists lack financial discipline making reckless mistakes that leave them without anything and when problems knock they are left to beg.

“Unless you budget your money and have a purpose and vision you will end up wasting money because every weekend you are booked then regret later in life when things go wrong and you can no longer perform,” he said.

Maima spoke while visiting his Kiembeni resort hotel to check the progress of the construction.

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