Kangundo MP accuses Wiper leaders of being involved in Portland land scandal

Kangundo MP Fabian Muli has accused Wiper leaders of grabbing the disputed East African Portland Cement Company (EAPCC) land.

Speaking at Kathithyamaa Muli accused some Wiper leaders of being involved in the land scandal.

He urged Wiper leaders to avoid blaming President William Ruto for the ongoing demolitions.

The legislator said that any land being owned by a parastatal goes back to the County Government when the lease is over then the county collaborates with the County Assembly to plan how the land will be used.

“There is no idle land, in Kenya and the case involving EAPCC was in Machakos court but now you are blaming Ruto. Don’t you know the due process of fighting a court case? Stop yapping all over and use the right way. Help them appeal the court case and accept the outcome,” said Muli.

“As a governor of Machakos we don’t expect you to go crying on the land, you should issue an official statement giving the speaker of the assembly information about the state of EAPCC land and ask the MCAs to debate what is happening. To call for an audit of KBC land, Matuu Wendano, Kamulu Drumville lands that have cases in court.”He added.

The lawmaker noted that many lands in the county have been invaded by land grabbers who have been conning unsuspecting residents.

Mwala MP Eng also echoed Muli’s remarks. Vincent Musyoka. Taking to Facebook Musyoka said, ” Senior Wiper leaders (and others) who have been adversely mentioned in Mavoko/Athi River land grabbing saga that has left many innocent victims homeless must face prosecution. These leaders grabbed and subdivided public land and sold it to unsuspecting innocent buyers.” Musyoka said.

“I have observed with disbelief, the same leaders who are mentioned in the shameful saga, calling for a press conference to shed crocodile tears in “solidarity” with the victims they stole from, and shift the blame game to the Kenya Kwanza administration, as if Kenya kwanza was part of their inhuman shameless grabbing spree. This is the hypocrisy of the highest order. I sympathize with the victims.” He added.

This comes as the ongoing demolitions that have seen hundreds left homeless, schools and churches destroyed enter Day 5.

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