Granny accuses Machakos Lands CEC of grabbing her land

A woman from Kitimbalu, Katheka Kai Machakos County is calling for the government to intervene in a land dispute with Machakos Lands CEC.

The woman identified as Mbithe Nzioka explained to the media that the Machakos CEC Lands Philip Kilonzo bought an acre of land that is near hers sometime back.

A surveyor called by the CEC allegedly went ahead to put new beacons up to her land that was obstinate to the old ones.

“Half of my land is already taken because I have no strength to fight and my strong children are dead. I am urging the government not to be quiet when I am being harassed and my land being taken from me,” she said.

The granny went ahead to state that she has faced threats because of the land and is in dire need of help as she is living in fear.

“When the caterpillar came it passed on my land and they told me to move aside or it will hop on my back. He told me that I can do nothing since he works for Wavinya,” she narrated.

The CEC on his side said that if there is someone who is wronged the matter will be dealt with.

He denied claims that he sent the surveyor to destroy people’s properties and promised to legally follow the issue.

“If I’m found to have taken someone’s land they can take me to court and before they take me there I am supposed to return back to the owner. Since both of us have a title we will let the law decide, “Philip Kilonzo said.

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