Kinanie MCA threatens to lead demos over EAPCC land demolitions

Kinanie Ward MCA Francis Kavyu has threatened to lead demonstrations if the government doesn’t stop demolitions at the EAPCC land.

While addressing journalists Kavyu said that it is sad that the president is talking about affordable housing while still allowing locals’ houses to be brought down.

He said that these locals have loans that they are repaying it is unfair that their investment should go down in rambles.

How can the president be talking about affordable housing and the few people wenye wamejikaza wakajenga manyumba unatuma wahuni wabomoe nyumba za watu wa Mavoko. Sisi sio waoga tunapenda amani lakini mmetusukuma zaidi tumefika kwa ukuta,” said Kavyu.

“By tomorrow if the demolitions and evictions don’t stop, not the police or guns will stop us be ready because if we won’t be allowed there we will march to the statehouse.” He added.

Kavyu had accompanied other leaders to give food and water to evicted locals left without homes at the EAPCC land.

The demolitions began on Thursday after the EAPCC won a court case against the Aimi ma Lukenya cooperative society.

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