Last moments of Benga artist Usinga Raha who died on the eve of Musumaa’s burial

Benga artist Usinga Raha also known as Wasiwasi of Mwaani Boys Band died on Monday morning on the eve of the burial of Musuma of Kyeemba Boys band.

Shunguli Mule, a renowned promoter of Kamba Benga music recounted the last moments of Usinga Raha who was receiving treatment at Sultan Hamud Sub-County Hospital.

Speaking to Benga Nation President and Kililimbi host, DJ Biado, Mule revealed that Usinga Raha didn’t want to be taken to hospital because he thought he would be admitted thus missing Musumaa’s burial. Little did he (Usinga) know that he wouldn’t live to see the day Musumaa would be buried.

“I got information from a clinical officer at the hospital who told me that he had seen Usinga in the hospital and had collapsed. I went to the Sultan Hospital and found Usinga Raha with other friends there and when he found another lady crying there we sensed that he was not alive. He was telling his friends not to take him to the hospital because he might be admitted and fail to attend the burial of Musumaa, he was first taken to Musuuni dispensary in Emali before being transferred to Sultan Hamud,” Shunguli Mule revealed.

DJ Biado said that it is a hard time for the Benga artists and supporters to lose two Benga artists within two weeks. “We had already traveled to Makueni to the funeral of Musumaa when we got this news. It’s a sad day but we pray for their souls to rest in peace,” Biado said.

Biado was in the company of Star Kivisi of Mutongoi FM, MC Toto of Mutongoi TV, and Cosmus Munyoki of Ngumbau TV on their way to Kibwezi for Musumaa’s burial.

“The sad news of the death of Usinga Raha got me while in the studio, we were with Usinga during the fundraising of Musumaa, and together with other friends and supporters of Benga music we had agreed to get an NHIF card for Usinga and later take him to a rehabilitation center. We accept that it has happened and may he rest in peace,” Star Kivisi said.

MC Toto pointed out that it is a black Monday to the Kamba Community for the loss of another Benga artist.

“The last day we had Usinga on stage was last Thursday during the fundraising for the burial of Musuma where he (Usinga Raha) was very happy while performing. Little did we know that it was the last time to see him on stage, I was just telling the Kamba people how Usinga could make a comeback to the Kamba community but this has happened. Our condolences to the family, friends, and Kamba Community at large,” MC Toto added

Cosmus Munyoki called upon the Kamba Community to pray for the Kamba Benga artists and the community because it is not an easy thing to lose two renowned artists at a go.
Some of the famous hits of Usinga Raha are ‘Usinga Naathina’, ‘Wona Ngilitye’, ‘Nindi Kyalula’, Cynthia Mamaa, and Mpenzi Zeuna among many other songs.

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