Machakos MPs call out Governor Wavinya over arrest and intimidation of MCAs

A section of Machakos MPs from different parties have called out Governor Wavinya Ndeti over the arrest and intimidation of MCAs critical of her administration.

This follows the arrest and arraignment of Masii MCA Douglas Musyoka and the assault and undressing of Kalama MCA Boniface Maeke at Machakos law courts Wednesday.

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau through a statement on his social media said, “The surge in incidents Recently witnessed in Machakos county and upticks against some MCAs is alarming, disgusting and unacceptable. The selective attacks against Elected MCAs; Hon Francis Ngunga, Hon Douglas Musyoka, and Hon Musyimi Maeke by this administration is a dangerous threat and a destructive stain on our democracy.”

“It’s a common reality, the system of the county is out to frustrate its constituents into penury. The bravery to attack and stripping off a sitting MCA is a tragic happening in this era. I call upon the investigative agencies to spare none and nothing in unralleving the perpetrators captured on video committing the heinous act.”The Mavoko MP added.

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka taking to Facebook said, “I strongly condemn the barbaric actions by the Executive Wing of the County Government of Machakos for using County askaris and goons to intimidate a section of MCAs who appear to poke holes to the county’s decaying service charter by calling out the corrupt and demanding answers to issues affecting the mwananchi.”

“The physical torture and undressing of Hon. Maeke today is the epitome of the “queen’s” malignant move to silence critics. In a political democracy, oversight is healthy and those opposed to it should brace themselves for a severe duel. Aristocracy and tyrant leadership has no space in our country and we’ll all join hands to restore sanity and the lost glory of Machakos, The place that used to be the pride of Ukambani. We demand immediate arrest and arraignment of all those cronies and their messenger to face the law.”Musyoka added.

Machakos Town MP Caleb Mule in a statement said, “It is absolutely unacceptable and appalling to witness the use of intimidation and physical force against our elected officials, closure of their business and unwarranted arrests by county officials with instructions from their Boss. The actions taken against Mua Ward MCA Hon. Francis Ngunga, Masii Ward MCA Hon. Douglas and recently the Kalama ward MCA Hon. Boniface Maeke by Machakos county inspectorate officers are a clear violation of their rights and an attack on democracy. As a community, we cannot stand idly by while our leaders are subjected to such mistreatment.”

“We must strongly condemn these actions and demand accountability from those responsible. Our elected officials have the right to stand in solidarity with their colleagues without fear of reprisal. Intimidation and fear have no place in a democratic society. We must stand together to ensure that our leaders are able to carry out their duties without the threat of violence or harassment. Let us unite in demanding justice and respect for the rights of all individuals, including our elected representatives. We cannot allow such actions to go unchallenged. Our voices must be heard in defense of democracy and the rule of law.” He went on.

Kangundo MCA challenged the County leadership to fear God if they could not fear people and to know the people of Machakos are waiting for services. He said if they fail, then leaders serving in the National Government would intervene.

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