MCA Maeke: Governor Wavinya is surrounded by criminals

Kalama MCA Eng. Boniface Maeke has alleged that Governor Wavinya is surrounded by criminals and that is why revenue collected was on a decline path.

“The controller of Budget claimed that revenue cannot be accounted for. It is collected but cannot be accounted for. The reason is because the people surrounding our governor are witty and the government is even looking for some of them. They are criminals. Do you get me? We have ‘ngoma mulinganya’ in Machakos.”Maeke claimed.

Between July and September 2023, Machakos County spent zero on development and recorded a 6-year low revenue collection in the first quarter of the current financial year. Missed the story? check it out below;

The vocal MCA who was speaking in Kyumbi over the weekend further alleged Chief officers and CECMs had abandoned their work and were just following the Governor everywhere.

“I have done research and established what is hailing Machakos. CECMs and chief officers have become tourists and always following the governor even when she has a birthday. When do you guys work?”He questioned.

“I have heard you have also talked about MCAs, we have opposition and government. Those supporting the government leave them because it is their right, the problem is people who should oversight the county government from Chap Chap, CCU, and other parties. The MCAs are given 10,000 or 5,000 and there is a day they even got 2,400.”He further alleged.

The Kalama MCA also claimed that Governor Wavinya had no capacity to be Governor and that voters should kick her out in 2027.

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