Machakos MCAs to surrender 20M bursaries cash to Wavinya

Following a week of counter-accusations on the Bursary allocation to the 40 Wards in Machakos, a group of MCAs loyal to Governor Wavinya have come out to speak on the matter.

Addressing the press in Machakos County Assembly, the MCAs who were led by Deputy Speaker Stephen Mwanthi and Majority Leader Nicholas Nzioka said the total budgeted amount for bursaries is 120 Million.

However, each ward would not be getting 3 Million as expected. According to the MCAs, each ward will surrender 500,000 to Governor Wavinya for another bursary kitty for the office of the Governor. This will total to 20 Million.

The wards will also surrender another 200,000 to nominated MCAs which will total 8 Million. A further 100,000 per ward will go to administrative expenses totaling 4 Million for the 40 wards.

As a result, each ward will only have 2.2 Million left for bursaries for needy learners.

“We have heard a lot of talk on these and I’m speaking as the committee Vice-chair. We passed 120 Million for bursaries and this is how we allocated. Each elected MCA will get 2.2 million, nominated MCAs will get 200,000, and 100,000 administrative matters. The 500,000 we have given to Governor as she is also elected and gets needs.”Caro Musembi Nominated MCA said.

The MCAs also took on their colleagues who were criticizing Governor Wavinya.

“Stop threatening us and the Governor by saying that you want to be called to talk, what do you want to be called to discuss, Go to your wards and work. They should know it’s sad to see some of them going round with MPs giving their bursaries while they have abandoned the ward bursaries.”Deputy Speaker Mwanthi said.

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