How Kathiani and Kangundo schools performed in 2023 KCSE

After the release of the 2023 KCSE Results, we take a look at how schools in Kathiani and Kangundo sub-counties performed.

In Kathiani, Kathiani girls topped with a mean of 8.4 and a 92 percent transition to the university.  The first student Grace Mumbe managed 81 points while 285 students out of 305 are headed to the university. 

Eight students had a mean score of A- while 47 had B+,105 had B, 80 had B-, and 41 had C+.

Kathiani Boys got a mean of 5.14 an improvement from last year’s 4.5. The school’s chief principal Joseph Katutu said that the school is back on track in terms of performance and great results should be expected in coming years.


He disclosed that 51 students who scored a mean of C+ and above are headed to the university.

In Kangundo sub-county, Misyani girls had a mean of 7.3 with 69 percent of students set to join university.

Kangundo High School came in a close second with a mean mark of 5.6 with the top student getting an A- while 62 students are heading to the university.

Four students had a B+,5 students B constant while 26 had a mean of B- according to the school principal  Peter Mwanzi.

He told Mauvoo News on phone that the results were satisfactory and they were aiming for better this year.

“We didn’t achieve our target but we are happy for the positive deviation. This year we expect more satisfactory results,” said Mwanzi.

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