Machakos MCAs affirm support for Governor Wavinya

A section of Machakos MCAs led by majority leader Nicholas Nzioka Wangondi have reaffirmed their support for Governor Wavinya.

Wangondi reiterated their support for Governor Wavinya Ndeti and the readiness to extend assistance to her whenever required.

“We are MCAs; we understand our responsibilities. Politics aside, we stand firm in supporting Governor Wavinya Ndeti and pledge to offer guidance where necessary,” affirmed Majority Leader Wangondi.

Backing Wangondi, Mathatani Ward MCA Francis Kavyu voiced the collective determination of Machakos MCAs to fulfill their mandate. Stressing unity among leaders, Kavyu emphasized their key role in driving Machakos County’s transformation.

“As Machakos MCAs, we are unwavering in our commitment to executing our duties with integrity. We must come together as leaders to facilitate the essential transformation in Machakos,” remarked MCA Francis Kavyu.

The leaders spoke in Katanga Village in Kola, Machakos where locals had gathered to pay their final respects to late Senior Chief Zipporah.

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